Friday, September 01, 2006

Happy Tomatoes Happy Friends

My cherry tomato plants are still going gang busters. They look awful. The leaves look r0ugh yet the plants are still producing lots and lots of tomatoes. This year I went 100% organic. I’m ecstatic with the outcome. I under planted my normal amount of plants using the methods of French intensive gardening. I doubt I'll go back to regular row gardening again. I’ve not used one speck of pesticides anywhere. I’ve better yields than ever before with less plants.

An odd year as none of the tomatoes were as bought. I planted what was labeled as an early yellow pear, a beefsteak, and plum tomatoes. Two of the pears turned out to be the exact same variety as what was labeled plum as to give me all massively productive cherry tomato plants. The beefsteak turned out to be what I can only guess as a heirloom variety which is streaked yellow and red and as it is now been way past 90 days and I'm only now getting tomatoes any where near being ripe - a late producer. The super productive cherry tom's turned out to be a good thing. This is the first year I've had so much as to be giving friends lots and lots of tomatoes. Happy happy friends!


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