Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Catching up on the Slog

It's been a slog. Actually also a good description of a blog when negative "stuff" is on topic. So . . I crushed my right leg. Fracture with a heck alot of tissue damage throw in Pneumonia a few days later for not so good measure. I've been gone away from life for a bit of time and rethought a few things. One of the outcomes is the decision to be more candid. So in the spirit of openness I am outing myself. I have CFIDS. www.cfids.org Which I've kept from just about everyone except my closest friends, and family members. It's an icky awful disease and I wish (along with everyone else who has it) that the the "powers that be" change the name. I believe elsewhere in the world it is know by the name Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. There is another symptom called chronic fatigue which is many doctors diagnosis for someone who is usually not taking care of themselves and working too hard. CFIDS isn't that. To quote a well know writer with CFIDS "Comparing Chronic Fatigue to CFIDS is like comparing a match to a nuclear bomb." Chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome is just too close in name and more the reason of wanting to scream in frustration, from too many questions and attempting to educate mistaken understanding. Not long after the docs figured out what was wrong I decided to stop disclosing my illness after hearing people say over and over again "I'm tired I think I may have that too". I'm telling the world starting here in my tiny knitting blog. Accompanied by the sound of "Boof" (the sound a large ungainly object falling) So basically when I got hurt my body went into immune meltdown.

On the brighter side I'm finally going to start some knitting. Watching a good movie with leg propped up knitting. Cruising the knitting mags and books for that next project type of knitting. Knitting a wonderful sweater out of the groovy yarn my SP gifted me. Transcendental healing sort of knitting to sooth the soul.

And so dear readers I have much posting to catch up. I hope to not disappoint with pics of my Easter Basket o' Bunny Joy from my SP.


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