Friday, May 04, 2007

the loneliest lil blog in the world

I can't blame anyone but myself. Nobody reads this blog except the SP Hostess and my spoiler. (truth to tell if it wasn't for them "Notes' wouldn't exist) It must look I don't care to make an effort, or I'm completely unfortunately gifted in the electronic arts department.

I must admit Notes on a Blotter suffered a close brush with death not long ago. It exists because of SP and only for SP. At the core of my blog lies a deeper issue - I loath computers. I loath blogs. I'm an old school gal. Truly so. Your probably thinking I'm one whose resisted computers over the years harboring subtle fears a misaligned push of a button might kill one. No, it's not that easy and no I'm not old school like that. I tense near computers after working in the field for 20 something years. Nothing new except the splashy stuff has come out for a long time and **flame** the whole field has become fat and sloppy ever since the memory barrier was broken. Blogs harrumph. Airbag says it so well I'll let him explain "Blahgs"

Yep - I'm OLD school. BASIC at University of Hawaii in 1982, then on to FORTRAN, and other self induced torture. At the time I was an apprentice at a publishing house which bought one of the first PCs for $30,000. **Programs extra (cough cough. . . . $50,000 you say). In my tender years I'd make that magical lump of electronics jump through publishing hoops. Creating projects which only weeks before were done almost entirely by hand. It wasn't that long ago (2001) San Francisco at 8% had the highest rate of computer use in the world. Orange County (whose GNP is 9th in the world) was 3%. Just a few years earlier I attempted to educate school districts that computers were useful for other than just keyboarding skills. (typewriter mentally). Unfortunately it seems the leading mentally seems to be take down or take over that which is better by brute force. It sad how much true innovation has been sacked by those with bigger pockets. RMS you rock!! I shuddered when AT&T bastards ruined @home and killed Aegis. Sad bit of business those two things. Which later trickled to meltdowns and other disgusting business practices and massive frauds. Bernie Ebbers you suck!!

I've heard the laments of doctors, architects, fashion designers, builders, governments, COO after COO. Each with the greater question "How do I master the change taking over my industry?" "?!?" Now it's the norm. The entire world has changed these last 25 years. I guess I'm lucky to straddle the gap for whom the world was always push button and those for whom it was not. At the heart of the revolution the computer. I'm truly sick of the sight of them & I need to get back to at least liking them as for better or worse they are here to stay.


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