Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What to do?

Whats one to do on ones arse all day? Knitting, TV, fret, read, draw, chew, sew and eBay. (eBay said in ones mind with a cheeky chipmunk squeak!) It seems when luscious skeins of yarn are to be had at deep discounts I have no issues with computers. This down time has been useful for introspection and picking up

10 skeins of Blue Sky baby alpaca WOOTALICIOUSNESS for $24.99.

Yep it seems when knitting stash is involved I got over my icky (whining about computers) self real fast. I also picked up 4 crystal palace circular needles for $15. But my OMG WTF I can't believe this is 7 full set of needles for $88. When I say sets I'm not talking about sets of DPs. I'm talking full sets of bamboo needles size 0 thru 15 sets.

**Jumping Beans on the Seat - Bamboo Sets**

A few days of careful bidding now has me with. . .

2 sets of size 0 - 15 9" straights,
2 sets of size0 - 15 13" straights,
2 sets of size5 - 15 16" bamboo circulars, and
one set of 5" size0 - 10.5 DPs.
Why two? - I"m gifting the other sets to my Mum
BTY - The seller is skyridertrd

Adding to that was

4 Woolly Skeins of Variegated Retail Therapy


Blogger jane said...

Now tell us all how good that computer is!! WHat do you think I have been doing . . just not as well!
You did good!, romelda

6:39 PM  

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