Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday, Sunday

This week was back to reality or back to what has seemed more like alternate reality. I was one tired woman .. today I slept in, and did not much of anything and then took a nap and then did more of the same. I seem to be making up for time on my bum doing much of nothing with time on my bum swamped. I just took a new job - started on Wednesday last week. The offer came from left field I'm going to be doing something different than I've ever done before. RETAIL. I can't say which business - it's a well known chain in the Americas. I'm still on the computer but I'll be doing, supply chain management, purchasing, inventory & those sort of activities. It feels like it could be a rather souless activity but I'm willing to give it a chance and see if I like it. Ho hum tomorrow is a work day and it's been two years since I've had to face a "work day" OH NO! I've got the Sunday evening blues.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Homeward Tallyho!

Oh Happy Happy Day!!!

After several weeks of being hampered by a bum leg incurred while cleaning out my Mums garage I am recovered enough to go home!

My daughter is flying in tomorrow evening and my brother will be driving us back to Sedona. He'll be with us for a few days. Yeah - Double happiness!! I can't wait to see my DG, DB's and DD (darling garden, darling bunnies and darling dog) Lots of pics to follow!!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What to do?

Whats one to do on ones arse all day? Knitting, TV, fret, read, draw, chew, sew and eBay. (eBay said in ones mind with a cheeky chipmunk squeak!) It seems when luscious skeins of yarn are to be had at deep discounts I have no issues with computers. This down time has been useful for introspection and picking up

10 skeins of Blue Sky baby alpaca WOOTALICIOUSNESS for $24.99.

Yep it seems when knitting stash is involved I got over my icky (whining about computers) self real fast. I also picked up 4 crystal palace circular needles for $15. But my OMG WTF I can't believe this is 7 full set of needles for $88. When I say sets I'm not talking about sets of DPs. I'm talking full sets of bamboo needles size 0 thru 15 sets.

**Jumping Beans on the Seat - Bamboo Sets**

A few days of careful bidding now has me with. . .

2 sets of size 0 - 15 9" straights,
2 sets of size0 - 15 13" straights,
2 sets of size5 - 15 16" bamboo circulars, and
one set of 5" size0 - 10.5 DPs.
Why two? - I"m gifting the other sets to my Mum
BTY - The seller is skyridertrd

Adding to that was

4 Woolly Skeins of Variegated Retail Therapy

Sunday, May 06, 2007

A true story. . . .

My daughter and I had been traveling all night. We arrived at the hotel mid afternoon. Weary we thought to take a short walk going to the nearby bookstore to relax and shake off the day. I was still in my travel clothes. Conservative attire - a leftover from days of biz travel. I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast the day before. My belly was a bit grumbly. Odd??? I hadn't had anything to eat since breakfast the day before. I had a little bit of gas so off to the restroom I went. I intended to get it out of my system quickly fart and go. Alas what started as a small biff exploded and . . . . . went on and on , and on. . . and on. . . and LOUDLY on and on and on. . . on and on!


Can farts be supernatural? The thought came to mind "Evil spirits begone". Unfortunately it took much longer to end than it took to get started. I quickly checked if I was alone, thankfully I was. Sighing with relief I left. EVERYONE in the seating area just outside and the 3 isles surrounding had a stare directed at me. Sunday afternoon at a popular bookstore the place was packed. Obviously the sound much like a sonic boom had carried. There I was "Um. . . err. . ." with nothing to say. Their look seemed to demand something. In response I stood more upright, straightened my suit coat as if to say "Yeah! You know it, top THAT one" and walked away. I'm not sure if this was the response they hoped, but then you might ask yourself "What would I have done? My family laughed as I told the story and they repeated it to other family members. Since then we've a special name for body functions which sneak out at the worst time. We call them a "Barnes and Noble".

Coincidence. . . .

I just read through a friends blog - similarities

  • I am allergic to dust and cleaning sprays
  • I love to do needlepoint
  • I have varied taste in music
  • I like to sew odd little projects
  • Dh makes coffee at 6 a.m. every morning and asks if I'd like some. I feel bad he makes his own fantastic mixture - but I'm mostly a tea drinker.
  • I need a tea drinking, knitting buddy
  • At 7 my family moved to Hawaii. Sedona is the first I have lived away from the ocean since.
  • I love to read
  • I have a bog that hardly anyone reads but me
  • Is that because no one knows it is there?
  • or is it boring
  • my daughters’ friends call me instead of their mothers
  • I want to be a master knitter, to be splendidly perfect
  • I have a fabric stash
  • I have a yarn stash
  • I have a scrapbook stash
  • I have too many projects for my lifetime
  • I do not like rap music
  • It’ s more important to be kind than right
  • love green, esp. celadon green
  • I’d rather go barefoot than wear shoes (It's OK to go barefoot at school in Hawaii)
  • I love to sit and watch snow fall…I love the "crunch" sound snow makes when walked on
  • I have a seat in my shower
  • I have a temper that I fight to keep under control
  • I like to decorate gingerbread houses (and cookies)
  • I read Harry Potter books and really like them
  • I can get very sad at Thanksgiving because I lost my grandfather then
  • I cry too easily
  • I love opera
  • I love berries, black, blue, red but cherries are the best
  • I have a ribbon stash.
  • I like to wrap presents and decorate the packages
  • I was a service brat

I am Elinor Dashwood!

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Friday, May 04, 2007

the loneliest lil blog in the world

I can't blame anyone but myself. Nobody reads this blog except the SP Hostess and my spoiler. (truth to tell if it wasn't for them "Notes' wouldn't exist) It must look I don't care to make an effort, or I'm completely unfortunately gifted in the electronic arts department.

I must admit Notes on a Blotter suffered a close brush with death not long ago. It exists because of SP and only for SP. At the core of my blog lies a deeper issue - I loath computers. I loath blogs. I'm an old school gal. Truly so. Your probably thinking I'm one whose resisted computers over the years harboring subtle fears a misaligned push of a button might kill one. No, it's not that easy and no I'm not old school like that. I tense near computers after working in the field for 20 something years. Nothing new except the splashy stuff has come out for a long time and **flame** the whole field has become fat and sloppy ever since the memory barrier was broken. Blogs harrumph. Airbag says it so well I'll let him explain "Blahgs"

Yep - I'm OLD school. BASIC at University of Hawaii in 1982, then on to FORTRAN, and other self induced torture. At the time I was an apprentice at a publishing house which bought one of the first PCs for $30,000. **Programs extra (cough cough. . . . $50,000 you say). In my tender years I'd make that magical lump of electronics jump through publishing hoops. Creating projects which only weeks before were done almost entirely by hand. It wasn't that long ago (2001) San Francisco at 8% had the highest rate of computer use in the world. Orange County (whose GNP is 9th in the world) was 3%. Just a few years earlier I attempted to educate school districts that computers were useful for other than just keyboarding skills. (typewriter mentally). Unfortunately it seems the leading mentally seems to be take down or take over that which is better by brute force. It sad how much true innovation has been sacked by those with bigger pockets. RMS you rock!! I shuddered when AT&T bastards ruined @home and killed Aegis. Sad bit of business those two things. Which later trickled to meltdowns and other disgusting business practices and massive frauds. Bernie Ebbers you suck!!

I've heard the laments of doctors, architects, fashion designers, builders, governments, COO after COO. Each with the greater question "How do I master the change taking over my industry?" "?!?" Now it's the norm. The entire world has changed these last 25 years. I guess I'm lucky to straddle the gap for whom the world was always push button and those for whom it was not. At the heart of the revolution the computer. I'm truly sick of the sight of them & I need to get back to at least liking them as for better or worse they are here to stay.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Today I celebrate a milestone on my way back to health and mobility. I made my first meal since my injury. Well not actually a meal as most might think a balanced, good for you, more than one thing on your plate - but nether the less a meal. A grilled cheese sandwich. A tasty bit of bread and cheese and a tasty bit of freedom.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

old ladies & children

I've had a couple of very interesting short outings over the last couple of days. I don't know where they come from. Out of nowhere spring old ladies. They suddenly appear lifesavers by opening doors and assisting me with their good humor and gentle kindnesses. Thank you!!! May all that you've done be returned to you a 1000 times.

I didn't expect this but it's not surprising. Small children stare and respond as if I were a strange 4 legged sea creature from the depths of the ocean newly come ashore. It's been tempting to snarl and growl but then no telling how scary I'd be to them. I might oddly cause a fragile child to have a crutch phobia. I'd would never want that to happen but then again I'd love to see the name science would come up with.

Being on crutches is a humbling experience.

Catching up on the Slog

It's been a slog. Actually also a good description of a blog when negative "stuff" is on topic. So . . I crushed my right leg. Fracture with a heck alot of tissue damage throw in Pneumonia a few days later for not so good measure. I've been gone away from life for a bit of time and rethought a few things. One of the outcomes is the decision to be more candid. So in the spirit of openness I am outing myself. I have CFIDS. Which I've kept from just about everyone except my closest friends, and family members. It's an icky awful disease and I wish (along with everyone else who has it) that the the "powers that be" change the name. I believe elsewhere in the world it is know by the name Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. There is another symptom called chronic fatigue which is many doctors diagnosis for someone who is usually not taking care of themselves and working too hard. CFIDS isn't that. To quote a well know writer with CFIDS "Comparing Chronic Fatigue to CFIDS is like comparing a match to a nuclear bomb." Chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome is just too close in name and more the reason of wanting to scream in frustration, from too many questions and attempting to educate mistaken understanding. Not long after the docs figured out what was wrong I decided to stop disclosing my illness after hearing people say over and over again "I'm tired I think I may have that too". I'm telling the world starting here in my tiny knitting blog. Accompanied by the sound of "Boof" (the sound a large ungainly object falling) So basically when I got hurt my body went into immune meltdown.

On the brighter side I'm finally going to start some knitting. Watching a good movie with leg propped up knitting. Cruising the knitting mags and books for that next project type of knitting. Knitting a wonderful sweater out of the groovy yarn my SP gifted me. Transcendental healing sort of knitting to sooth the soul.

And so dear readers I have much posting to catch up. I hope to not disappoint with pics of my Easter Basket o' Bunny Joy from my SP.